Fabrication Solutions

SBS OFFSHORE LLC holds a leading position within our chosen field of manufacturing and fabrication for all industries, including the oil and gas industry, the construction industry, fishing and farming. We are involved in mobilization and demobilization work for many of the industry’s leaders for offshore fabrication, diving and subsea support services in Azerbaijan.

High-quality work for the oil industry

Our proven ability to produce high-quality work to a high specification within tight schedules has enabled us to build up a client base that includes all the major oil companies, international sub-sea contractors, civil engineering, rail transport and shipping sector clients.

We have experience in supplying industry-related equipment, such as clamps, winch bases, ROV support structures, lay down cradles, cable and pipe reels, carousels, tensioners, under rollers and guillotine boots. We also design, fabricate and deliver a number of styles of offshore accommodation units and tool sheds. Numerous weld procedures and welders, qualified in carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel and TIG welding, are available for both on and offshore work.

SBS OFFSHORE LLC has long understood and catered to the requirement of full traceability of materials and workmanship in an area as process-sensitive as the oil and gas industry, and they have developed computer database support systems for the production of comprehensive documentation packages.

Demobilization / mobilization work for industry leaders

Quayside Fabrication is involved in mobilization and demobilization work for many of the industry leaders for offshore fabrication, diving and subsea support services in Azerbaijan.

Our wide and varied workforce can be utilized to combine supervision, welding, fabrication, machining, blasting, painting and installation for any number of applications, from the smallest frame to the largest subsea pipe laying reel units for industry leaders in the offshore and subsea markets.

As a responsible and conscientious company, we intend to maintain our leading position within the field of manufacturing by offering services to all industries.


We have developed an outstanding expertise in metal construction and assembly that allows tailoring metallic products by combining efficient designs with sustainable manufacturing processes.


SBS Offshore LLC's specialist surface preparation and protective coatings teams work to extremely exacting standards, using the latest technology to deliver advanced solutions to our customers.


SBS OFFSHORE LLC's team of specialists and technicians are there from the initial project plans to the finished product to ensure our solutions are delivered at a cost-effective, efficient and highest quality service. We offer clients a complimentary and project support service.


SBS Offshore LLC is a recognized leader in the fabrication industry, with specialized capabilities in pressure vessels, modules, skids and platforms, subsea and mooring equipment, piping and specialist structures.