Modification of metal construction and machining works

SBS OFFSHORE LLC's team of specialists and technicians are there from the initial project plans to the finished product to ensure our solutions are delivered at a cost-effective, efficient and highest quality service.

We offer clients a complimentary and thorough project support service, which offers a flexible approach to maintenance on-site or off-site to suit the needs and space capacity of our clients. By combining our team's long experience and specialist knowledge, we can offer clients a solution tailored to their particular infrastructure and operation requirements.

In addition to this, our project support service can improve production operations and capital works implementation by advising and monitoring the following operations areas: scope, quality, time and cost assessment; engineering, construction, and procurement functions; project management and monitoring; engineering design; client liaison, and project closeout reporting.

Operations support service for marine project maintenance

We understand that project productions can result in downtime and consequently a loss in profit, which is why we offer a flexible operations support service for short notice or short-term project maintenance.

SBS OFFSHORE LLC's team of specialists have particular experience of coping with plant shutdowns and maintenance campaigns, and have advised personnel in departments such as resource development, governmental officials and industrial operators on the best practice procedures for such events.

Module receipt and completion

For prefabricated modules that have been despatched before they are ready, SBS OFFSHORE LLC is able to receive, facilitate customs and quarantine clearance, and complete necessary works. This could include fabrication, blasting and painting, and other works across the entire range of disciplines to allow completion of their journey to site. ECM 's Dampier facility has lay down areas, workshop facilities, as well as office space where the entire preassembly works can be completed before being subjected to site construction conditions.

Welding and machining services

If you prefer or need to undertake modifications or repairs to equipment at your own premises, we have a team of skilled welders and machinists available. Capabilities include:

  • Line boring
  • Facing
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Thermal lancing
  • Mechanical fitting

We maintain a fleet of mobile vehicles equipped with all the required welding / machining gear needed to complete the job.