Metal Construction Works

SBS OFFSHORE LLC has developed an outstanding expertise in metal working and assembly that allows tailoring metallic and composite products to each application by combining efficient designs with sustainable manufacturing processes. Metals include steel and stainless steel, but also aluminium, copper and etc.

Numerical simulations able to predict the behavior of a component or a connection during the manufacture process or the use phase can first be performed, e.g. to speed-up initial selections.  The feasibility and the optimization of forming full-size product prototypes can then be checked on a wide range of shaping and machining devices: hydraulic presses, roll forming line, adhesive bonding lab, spot welding machines, etc.  These devices also allow the development of dedicated production tools, when required.

The final testing of product prototypes can then be performed in-house or by the customer.

Depending on the needs of the customer, several types of services are available from troubleshooting or component characterization to the development of a new solution with its industrial production process.